The Future of WordPress from Matt Mullenwig

Here’s a quick video I found @Mashable that highlights an interview they had with the founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenwig, at WordcampSF. It sounds like future versions of @Wordpress will strive for even more simplicity and less friction in quick blogging. He compliments @Tumblr on how easy they make it. This is a quick video and worth watching.

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Nutshellmail Improves Their Twitter and Facebook Message Aggregating Service

Nutshellmail just made a major improvement in their message aggregating service, which I mentioned in a previous post. They’re now calling it The DVR for Your Social Networks.

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What’s Yelp and Fourquare for Travelers? Gate Guru

gateguruappA new iPhone app – Gate Guru – helps frequent fliers locate the best restaurants, shops, and services at more than 85 airports worldwide. It’s sort of like Yelp but within the confines of airport terminals. Gate Guru provides user reviews for the various airport businesses. I think this will be useful for business travelers who fly a lot and to a lot of new airports often. Yet, in many cases, airport food options are often limited to the chains we all know, which are bad.

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The New York Times Integrates Twitter with Times People

NYT ShareI haven’t read any reports on exactly how successful Times People, The New York Times attempt to build its community of readers, has been. But judging from the number of people in my address book (who were on it) and those of many others I’ve spoken to, it wasn’t exactly making a huge splash in social media circles. Well that may be about to change.

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