Twitter Officially in Bed with Both Bing and Google

In one day, two major announcements happened that will change the face of search forever. Twitter‘s Real-time search is coming to both Bing and Google. Bing also announced that it was going to integrate Facebook‘s public

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The New York Times Integrates Twitter with Times People

NYT ShareI haven’t read any reports on exactly how successful Times People, The New York Times attempt to build its community of readers, has been. But judging from the number of people in my address book (who were on it) and those of many others I’ve spoken to, it wasn’t exactly making a huge splash in social media circles. Well that may be about to change.

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Amazon buys online shoe retailer Zappos. Is it a fit?

I found out about this news on Garry Tan’s sub posterous blog via the e-mail I get from them every day. I clicked right on the embedded media and watched Jeff Bezos go on and on about the early days of Amazon and how customer-centric they are before he announced that they had just purchased Zappos and how much he loves them and Tony Hsieh.

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Separating the Bull from the Buzz – Social Media Event at the Time Warner Center

This morning I attended a panel discussion entitled Separating the Bull from the Buzz! Social Media/Networking Real Life Case Studies: Campaigns that Worked and Campaigns that Bombed. It took place at The Samsung Experience in the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle.

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The Best of Internet Week New York: Tim Ferriss, Steve Rubel, and Social Media Camp

The day before Internet Week New York started I got that feeling in my throat that told me “you’re going to get a cold”. I hadn’t been sick with a cold for well over a year and I was not very happy that it hit me right before a week I had been eagerly anticipating. But I decided to bite the bullet and go to all of the conferences and events I had planned on anyway. So needless to say, I was not really in the mood for lots of networking or being SOCIAL in person but I forced myself.

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