Gmail Priority Inbox Separates Important Messages from the Rest

Just as Gmail has done a great job weeding out spam from our inboxes, they are now applying a different algorithm to separate the most important messages into what’s called a Priority Inbox. How do they determine what gets priority status? It’s partly based on which e-mail you read and respond to the most, which messages contain keywords that usually cause you to open them, and which messages are sent only to you. In the Priority Inbox, e-mails will be separated into 1) important and unread 2) starred and 3) everything else.

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How Google is Helping Small Businesses State By State

Google‘s U.S. Economic Impact is notable. Despite the many who’d like to claim that Google is destroying the newspaper industry (although a recent article in The Atlantic discusses how Google is working with publishers to preserve journalism), Google has made a significant impact to the bottom line of many U.S. businesses. Yes, we know this is PR spin on Google’s part but it’s still good news. Continue reading

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Google Chrome Tests: Geek Never Looked So Cool

I stumbled upon Techcrunch‘s post entitled Chrome Now Faster Than A Speeding Potato. Google’s Rube Goldberg-ian Video Proves It, where reveal the making of video for the videos (released tomorrow) that will show people just how fast the newest build of Google Chrome is as a browser. So how much fun exactly is it to work at Google? Watching this video, it seems that Geek Never Looked So Cool, at least to me.

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