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I'm a new media enthusiast who enjoys developing websites that engage audiences and drive revenue. I'm always interested in what's new on the web and try my best to keep up. I live in NYC with my partner of 5 years and am thrilled to be alive in this very important time in our history.

See More of What and Who You Like on Facebook

Have you ever wondered why pages you like or maybe even people are just never seen, even on your Recent News on Facebook?

I just found out that Facebook has been holding out on me and I didn’t even know it. It’s probably something I should know since I like to think I know a lot about this tool, but the more I find out, the more I realize I was kind of in the dark.

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Community Managers Meetup Hosted at Etsy

The trip to Dumbo, Brooklyn and a cold 20 some degree night was most definitely worth it. I got to visit one of the coolest startup companies around and definitely one of the most innovative both in their workplace atmosphere. It’s clear that Etsy is the real thing. Everything in their workspace is original and/or handcrafted in some way. For those of you who don’t know Etsy, is the world’s most vibrant handmade marketplace. It give artisans selling their one-of-a-kind, original creations access to a huge community of people who steer away from the mass-produced and are drawn to hand-made goods. If you haven’t ever been on the site, you should check it out. http://www.etsy.com

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Gmail Priority Inbox Separates Important Messages from the Rest

Just as Gmail has done a great job weeding out spam from our inboxes, they are now applying a different algorithm to separate the most important messages into what’s called a Priority Inbox. How do they determine what gets priority status? It’s partly based on which e-mail you read and respond to the most, which messages contain keywords that usually cause you to open them, and which messages are sent only to you. In the Priority Inbox, e-mails will be separated into 1) important and unread 2) starred and 3) everything else.

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Ace Hotel Benefits from Social Media and Branded Content in Short Films

This entry is part of 2 in the series Social Media Case Studies

Apparently the Ace Hotel didn’t pay anything to be featured in 3 short films (“Charley”, “Shave”, and “Lulu at the Ace”), which will be promoted by Killer Films and Social Media site Massify . It simply didn’t charge any fees for the filming to take place on its premises and also gave complete editorial freedom to the filmmakers. This was also the case for Hilton in “Up in the Air”, although in that film it did seem more like overt product placement.

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Can AOL Reinvent Itself with Hyper-local News Via Patch?

AOL and Yahoo were among the handful of panelists at The Future of Media event held in conjunction with Internet Week NY. Both of these companies, along with every other company represented minus one (Google), claimed they are now in the content game, in some way, shape or form. Yahoo was once synonymous with search and AOL with the ability to get online. Back when AOL started, getting online, search, and content—well, they were pretty much all the same thing.

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