See More of What and Who You Like on Facebook

Have you ever wondered why pages you like or maybe even people are just never seen, even on your Recent News on Facebook?

I just found out that Facebook has been holding out on me and I didn’t even know it. It’s probably something I should know since I like to think I know a lot about this tool, but the more I find out, the more I realize I was kind of in the dark.

Maybe it’s a “Fast One” that Facebook pulled on all of us or maybe I just missed their announcement on this. I have to credit my friend Jeff Smith, a fellow FBer, on telling me about this.

You know how at the top of your news feed, you have a choice between Top News and Recent News? If you want to see everything, you click on over to Recent News and you see stuff that a lot of people haven’t commented on or what they somehow deem less important.

Well at some point in the recent past, Facebook changed the default setting for Recent News to show you only the people and pages you interact with the most. I thought that Top News kind of took care of that but apparently, they want to limit your interactions or maybe this is their answer to reducing people’s stress by only showing them what they think is most important.

What happens if you never interact with anyone and are just a voyeur?

I don’t know… but I do know how to change your settings so you see everyone and everything (you like) on Recent News.

Just click on the arrow next to your Recent News and then edit options.

Then, once you get to the options, it will tell you that the default for Facebook is to show you only the people and pages you interact with the most. If you want to change that (I happen to want to see updates from everyone and everything I like), you simply click on the setting that says “See posts from everyone”. Note that it will still keep hidden those pesky obsessed game players and those who you simply want hidden.

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