Community Managers Meetup Hosted at Etsy

The trip to Dumbo, Brooklyn and a cold 20 some degree night was most definitely worth it. I got to visit one of the coolest startup companies around and definitely one of the most innovative both in their workplace atmosphere. It’s clear that Etsy is the real thing. Everything in their workspace is original and/or handcrafted in some way. For those of you who don’t know Etsy, is the world’s most vibrant handmade marketplace. It give artisans selling their one-of-a-kind, original creations access to a huge community of people who steer away from the mass-produced and are drawn to hand-made goods. If you haven’t ever been on the site, you should check it out.

The is the second community manager’s meetup I’ve been to. The first was held at Meetup HQ. There were a few in between that I wasn’t able to make. It’s an excellent group of people who are great to┬ánetwork with and share trade secrets of building community and utilizing the tools of the social media trade. I thoroughly enjoy the Community Manager Meetups. It’s great meeting up with people who get what you’re talking about and can talk with you in person about social

Community Managers Meetup at Etsy - 08

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media and community building.

Here are some photos of Etsy’s HQ and the meetup there. We each tweeted out to our community “What’s your definition of #community?” and then got to recreate the answer via arts and crafts. It was a lot of fun. Apparently Dave, the community manager for Etsy, creates crafts related to his community and send them back to the community via twitpic. This practice, he says, is very successful in further engaging his community.

With a chef coming in twice a week and preparing a communal lunch, Etsy sounds like a great place to work. Take a look at the photos, and I’m sure the artsy side of you will agree.

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