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We all waited in anticipation of what Apples big announcement would be about iTunes. The blogosphere and major news site were rife with rumors about The Beatles going to iTunes. It was more or less confirmed on the home page the New York Times site last night. Other hopeful speculation (on my part at least) was that Apple would announce the end of the mp3 and that they were taking their iTunes service to the cloud, ending space issues and constant syncing and swapping out songs to play on your ipod or iphone. Since they shuttered LaLa, this has been a source of major irritation and anger toward my much beloved Apple. We should learn from our mistakes of getting excited about possible rumors ahead of these announcements.

Yesterday’s Facebook announcement about their new messaging service was far more exciting.

The Beatles have Arrived on iTunes.That’s your announcement? Really?

For years, anyone could have bought the cds they’ve owned forever and imported them onto their iTunes. Why would anyone rush out and buy their cds on iTunes now. If anything, Beatles’ would be one of the group that you’d actually want to have in physical form, CD, or dare I say, album.

Who cares? And haven’t we had enough of The Beatles? Every year, we have to put up with seeing cheesey American Idol contestants go through at least one, if not 2, show(s) worth of their songs, mostly ruining them. The Beatles will live on forever. I think they’re fantastic and I highly respect them. But I don’t need to obsess over their music and run out and by it on iTunes.

This big “announcement” is nothing more than Apple masturbating over its latest Coup in ruling digital music.

As I commented on the New York Times site last night, “Obladi, Oblada, Life Goes On….”

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