Gmail Priority Inbox Separates Important Messages from the Rest

Just as Gmail has done a great job weeding out spam from our inboxes, they are now applying a different algorithm to separate the most important messages into what’s called a Priority Inbox. How do they determine what gets priority status? It’s partly based on which e-mail you read and respond to the most, which messages contain keywords that usually cause you to open them, and which messages are sent only to you. In the Priority Inbox, e-mails will be separated into 1) important and unread 2) starred and 3) everything else.

Priority Inbox Sections

Gmail has offered filtering options for years but if the Priority Inbox really works, this may eliminate the need to create a lot of fancy filters. Filters can be used to help Priority Inbox work better as well as just using Gmail. There are also buttons at the top that allow you to mark a message as important or not.

How can you try Gmail’s Priority Inbox? Google will be rolling the feature out to users over the next few weeks in beta. The Gmail blog says to look for the “New Priority Inbox” message in the top right in red. If you’re a user of Google Apps, you’re likely to get it sooner.

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