Ace Hotel Benefits from Social Media and Branded Content in Short Films

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Apparently the Ace Hotel didn’t pay anything to be featured in 3 short films (“Charley”, “Shave”, and “Lulu at the Ace”), which will be promoted by Killer Films and Social Media site Massify . It simply didn’t charge any fees for the filming to take place on its premises and also gave complete editorial freedom to the filmmakers. This was also the case for Hilton in “Up in the Air”, although in that film it did seem more like overt product placement.

We can expert more of this sort of marketing since people are avoiding commercials and ads in general. I think consumers won’t mind if it’s done in an an intelligent way. If it’s cheesed up and overdone, it could have a negative effect on the brand. Not sure how the 3 short films featuring The Ace Hotel as their backdrop ┬ádo it. The hotel will apparently be screening them at some point. Here is the full article from the New York Times:

Now Playing: A Short Film Starring Branded Content
The Ace Hotel figures as a backdrop in a new short film, part of a deal with the social media site Massify and Killer Films.

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