Jet Blue Did the Right Thing.

Jet Blue’s former employee Steven Slater has become somewhat of a national hero. We can identify with getting so fed up with a job, you just lose it and go crazy. We identify with Steven Slater even though we know what he did was ultimately too much. We identify with him despite how unpopular airlines are these days.

I’m sure Jet Blue didn’t appreciate Steven’s actions and would prefer to put the incident behind them. But with the story taking on a life of its own, it would be awkward if they didn’t respond in any way. What they did with this very short blog entry was perfect.

  • They acknowledged the incident
  • They made light of the largess the story has taken on
  • They made no comment about “the individual” saying they respected his privacy
  • They Linked to the trailer for Office Space (saying without saying, we all can relate)
  • And they thanked their 2,300 crew members

And they’ve probably broadcasted this out to all of their social media channels.

Here’s an excerpt from Blues Tales:

While we can’t discuss the details of what is an ongoing investigation, plenty of others have already formed opinions on the matter. Like, the entire Internet. (The reason we’re not commenting is that we respect the privacy of the individual. People can speak on their own behalf; we won’t do it for them.)

UPDATE: The link to the full post (below) and their blog is failing. Too much Traffic?

Read the full post.

I love Jetblue, depsite the fact that I’m angry at them about the way they handle the conversion from their old to new True Blue points program. Not good.

Here’s how CNN covered the story:

Popularity: 19% [?]