Company Teambuilding Exercises—Go Game, Go Social and Go Gaga

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Everyone has a story of some awful corporate team-building retreat they were required to go on. The story is so typical:

  • Sales are down, “What do we do?”
  • “Let’s have a sales meeting?”
  • “But not just a regular sales meeting.” “We need to create more synergies in our team.”
  • Lightbulb comes on. “Why don’t we hire one of those fancy sales training agencies that do “team building”?”
  • “We can do exercises to build trust like see if colleagues will catch us when falling back.” “Or, we can do really hard physical work where we all work together and bond.”
  • “That sounds great”

Tens of thousands of dollars spent.

Everyone’s “super charged” and ready to “slay dragons” after the event, even though most were muttering that they were bored or irritated that they were taken away from their work.

Everyone gets back to their offices.

Sales remain flat.

Sound familiar?

Well, for too many companies, this is probably the experience. In rare circumstances, these team-building exercises can improve things but, in my opinion,  it all depends on the follow through.

Well, maybe the 21st century will change this.

There’s a new Start-up company in San Francisco (where else?) called The Go Game that does engage companies to do team-building exercises but it seems like their version is:

a) interesting
b) in tune with technolgy
c) social

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Their Website details the types of activities or games they create for companies, including team building games, training games, convention games, marketing games, and games just for fun. All participants are provided a cell phone, a digital camera, and a map of the game zone.

It seems like they tailor the games to companies that have offices across the world and that they can be played from anywhere in the world. The games involve uploading photos and videos based on clues about the company or the cities the company’s offices are in.

Once the teams’ submissions are complete, i.e. the game is complete, the Go Game creates presentations based upon each team’s submissions. They are then voted on. It sounds like a lot of work for Go Game but from looking at their site, it seems they are buttoned up. It also sounds expensive.

Not sure what something like this would cost but looking at their site, it seems that most of their clients are Fortune 500 clients.

They’re marketing themselves cleverly by tapping into Miss Viral herself, Lady Gaga. The’ve created a new viral video called Telephone: The Office Version to market their new online offering called Company Quad. Here’s how it works, according to the Company Quad site:

Company Quad is an online gathering place that cultivates a rich and vibrant culture in any workplace. By completing bite-sized weekly challenges, co-workers engage each other through photo sharing, brainstorming ideas and showing off their hidden talents. Friendships form while the company folklore is spun out and recorded for everyone in the organization to enjoy.

Read More about How the Company Quad Works.

Company Quad sounds like something that could be used in company offices themselves to help improve the company culture. They see it will work with employees only devoting 5 minutes per day to it. Hearing about such awful morale at so many companies, these days, it seems like this is certainly an option these organizations should look into. That is after they actually start hiring people again! You can sign up for a free 30-day trial of the Company Quad.

See Lady Gaga’s Telephone: The Office Version, which Gaga herself has been rumored to tweet.

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