Ignite NYC at Internet Week NY 2010 #iwny #ignite

Ignite is one of those great ideas that only come along every once in a while. The June 2010 Internet Week NY Ignite NYC event was the second that I attended and it was as enjoyable as the first one. The concept is simple:

Time: 5 Minutes

Content: 20 Slides

Speed: Auto-advance Every 15 seconds

Motto: “Englighten us but Make it Quick”

It’s sponsored by the Internet Publishing company O’Reilly Media and an Ignite event can be held anywhere. And just because O’Reilly is a media company concentrating on the Internet, doesn’t mean that all the presentations are strictly Internet related, although many of them touch upon it in some way. And if you’re interested in starting your own Ignite Event in your site, you can. Here are the instructions.

My Favorite #IgniteNYC Presentations at Internet Week New York, 2010:

Heather Dewey-Hagborg – Powerplay – Internet Week NY 2010 #iwny

Catherine White – The Noisy Idiot Dilemma:Internet Week NY 2010 #iwny

Larry Smith – Six Word Memoir Project: Internet Week NY 2010 #iwny

Anil Dash – Ignite NYC – Internet Week NY, 2010

Caroline McCarthy – I Live Nowhere – Internet Week NY 2010 #iwny

Karsten Vagner – Hey Healthcare! It’s 2010 -Internet Week NY 2010 #iwny

If you were at this event, feel free to share your favorites!

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