Google Chrome Tests: Geek Never Looked So Cool

I stumbled upon Techcrunch‘s post entitled Chrome Now Faster Than A Speeding Potato. Google’s Rube Goldberg-ian Video Proves It, where reveal the making of video for the videos (released tomorrow) that will show people just how fast the newest build of Google Chrome is as a browser. So how much fun exactly is it to work at Google? Watching this video, it seems that Geek Never Looked So Cool, at least to me.

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The Future of WordPress from Matt Mullenwig

Here’s a quick video I found @Mashable that highlights an interview they had with the founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenwig, at WordcampSF. It sounds like future versions of @Wordpress will strive for even more simplicity and less friction in quick blogging. He compliments @Tumblr on how easy they make it. This is a quick video and worth watching.

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LaLa – Where Music Plays Until May 31, 2010

Sadly I read yesterday that Apple will be shutting down by far my favorite music site introduced to me by my good friend Pavel. There were lots of issues with the user interface of LaLa and many ways it could have been improved to make it more social and easier to connect with someone and or share thoughts on music that a connection suggested. But what I liked (and will miss) most is the fact that you could listen to an album, any album in its entirety first before buying it. After the first listening, you could only listen to a 30-second clip.

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