Where and When to See Apple’s 2010 Announcement Live

Today is the the day that Apple is making their big 2010 announcement about upcoming product releases. It’s certainly received more attention than the president’s State of the Union address, which takes place tonight, and may in fact have more viewers – online of course. What’s different this year? Well every year Apple’s announcements are a big deal and looked forward to but as most everyone knows by now, this is rumored to be the announcement of the much-hyped, yet-to-be-namedĀ  Apple Tablet.

I had to dig a little to find out exactly where Apple’s announcement could be viewed live. Here’s what I found thanks to Tech65.org, which is based in Singapore. Tech 65’sĀ  will be streaming it live and they also claim other sites that are supposed to do the same thing. The only ones that specifically mentioned the event on their sites’ home pages (at the time this post was written) are Tech65.org and Live.GdGT.com. The event will begin at 1pm E.S.T.

Watch the 2010 Apple Announcement Live Here:

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