WordPress 2.9 – Major Updgrade with URL Video Embeds, Global Undo, and Image Editor

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WordPress 2.9 is a major upgrade and makes blogging even easier than before. URL video embedding, global undo and the new image editor are just a few of the features that distinguish this version and make this blogging platform the best available. I wonder what’s in store for us for WordPress 3.0 next spring?

They’ve nicknamed WordPress 2.9 as Carmen after jazz singer Carmen Mcrae. As fabulous as it is, I’m surprised they didn’t choose Carmen Miranda as the Carmen of choice. Here are some details on my favorite improvements in order of how important they are to me:

  1. Video Embed by Url – the Oembed format allows the WordPress User to simply paste the url to automatically embed a video and/or other multimedia content to a WordPress post. Not all urls are supported but so far YouTube, Flickr, Hulu, Blip.tv, Polldaddy, and WordPress.tv (among others) are supported with many others to come. This will be very handy for me. For specifics on how this works, check this post out.
  2. Batch plugin update – With 2.9, you can click on the Upgrade button under tools in the left nav and then you can update all of your plugins at once to make sure they are compatible with the latest version of WordPress version (as compatible as possible). One aspect of this that could be improved is to name the plugin rather than just show 1 of 20 or 2 of 20 (see image)
  3. Built-in Image Editor. WordPress 2.9 allows you to crop, flip, rotate and scale your images right in the editor and the WordPress folks promise there’s more on the way (in terms of image editing)
  4. Global Undo/Trash Feature. This feature allows WordPress 2.9 users to throw something away to a trash bin that is sort of like a 30-day holding cell. You can bring it back any time before that 30 days is up.

I’m really excited to do more experimenting with this major release. Here’s the video from the WordPress Blog Post: WordPress 2.9, oh so fine

There are many more improvements going on behind the seasons. Above are the those that are most visible to the user. Read the entire list from WordPress itself on their blog entry. And even better, read this description of the version on Technosailor. You can download WordPress 2.9 here.

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