Nutshellmail Improves Their Twitter and Facebook Message Aggregating Service

Nutshellmail just made a major improvement in their message aggregating service, which I mentioned in a previous post. They’re now calling it The DVR for Your Social Networks.

It’s now much easier to quickly respond to any messages on Facebook or Linkedin, comment on posts or photos, and reply to tweets or retweet them. The key difference to the new Nutshellmail is that rather than commenting or messaging happening via your mail service, when you click on a comment or reply button, it opens up a new tab where you can easily perform the desired action and then quickly close it.

Even if you tend to retrieve your Facebook messages regularly via Facebook itself and are often on Twitter, Nutshellmail is a great recap of the day (or since the last time you checked). It’s a really quick way of getting a recap when you’re busy and want to quickly respond or update your various social networking accounts.

The service also let’s you switch back to the classic version at any point, which they claim is easier if the majority of your e-mail is checked from your mobile device.

Here’s a video they put together that highlights the major new features:

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