What’s Yelp and Fourquare for Travelers? Gate Guru

gateguruappA new iPhone app – Gate Guru – helps frequent fliers locate the best restaurants, shops, and services at more than 85 airports worldwide. It’s sort of like Yelp but within the confines of airport terminals. Gate Guru provides user reviews for the various airport businesses. I think this will be useful for business travelers who fly a lot and to a lot of new airports often. Yet, in many cases, airport food options are often limited to the chains we all know, which are bad.

Gate Guru Close Up

Gate Guru Close Up

What’s Interesting:

What’s interesting is the Foursquare element of the app that gives points and titles to those who visit the airports most frequently. It’s a game but for the “road warrior”, this could be kind of fun. It would be great if there were a mechanism for people to actually meet if they know their fellow frequent-flying friend were laying over in the same place.

The app costs $1.99 and gives access to all 85 airports. There is also a light version that provides all the same functionality but only lets you choose 2 airports.

What’s Missing:

  • Information on airlines
  • Which airlines are in which terminals?
  • Where are the airline lounges?
  • Terminal Maps
  • Baggage Offices

I would say that Gate Guru has a ways to go to become an indispensable travel companion but the lite version is very useful when it comes to food and drink and worth a try. Let’s hope they make some improvements.

Popularity: 11% [?]