Nutshellmail Improves Their Twitter and Facebook Message Aggregating Service

Nutshellmail just made a major improvement in their message aggregating service, which I mentioned in a previous post. They’re now calling it The DVR for Your Social Networks.

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What’s Yelp and Fourquare for Travelers? Gate Guru

gateguruappA new iPhone app – Gate Guru – helps frequent fliers locate the best restaurants, shops, and services at more than 85 airports worldwide. It’s sort of like Yelp but within the confines of airport terminals. Gate Guru provides user reviews for the various airport businesses. I think this will be useful for business travelers who fly a lot and to a lot of new airports often. Yet, in many cases, airport food options are often limited to the chains we all know, which are bad.

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Nutshell Mail: Tool For Coping with Information Overload

nushellmailThanks to reading the post NutshellMail Brings Twitter and Facebook Right to Your Email Box on Steven Rubel’s Lifestream Blog on Posterous, I discovered NutshellMail, a great tool for coping with information and inbox overload.  [See this from CNN on just how overloaded we are these days] Despite how flawed e-mail can be as a means of communication, it’s certainly one that’s been adopted heavily and will probably not be replaced anytime soon. And as social media continues to become a bigger part of our daily lives and businesses, it’s difficult to know what to check first and when. And because social networking sites like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter send us message updates via e-mail, this just adds to the clutter in your inbox. Are you tempted just to change those e-mail notification settings sometimes and turning everything off? Well maybe you can do just that and just get a synopsis of all your at exactly the times of day that you’d like.

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