Twitter Officially in Bed with Both Bing and Google

In one day, two major announcements happened that will change the face of search forever. Twitter‘s Real-time search is coming to both Bing and Google. Bing also announced that it was going to integrate Facebook‘s public

Twitter Flocks to Bing and Google

Twitter Flocks to Bing and Google

status updates into its SERPs at a later date.

All Things D – Boomtown broke the story at the Web 2.0 Summit this morning and Kara Swisher published a second post later in the day with more details.

Here’s a snippet of the press release from Microsoft (courtesy of All Things D):

This morning at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, Qi Lu, President of Microsoft’s Online Services Division is announcing a new beta feature that enables people to easily search Twitter’s real-time information feed directly in Bing. This new feature helps people make better decisions and more fully understand Twitter conversations by collecting, analyzing and uniquely presenting real-time Twitter content.

More specifically, the new Twitter developments in Bing include:

A real-time index of the Tweets that match your search queries in results. This feature makes it easier to follow what’s going on by reducing the amount of duplicates, spam, and adult content.

Read Kara Swisher’s Full Post (and the rest of the press release):

Microsoft’s Qi Lu Talks About Bing (and Confirms Facebook and Twitter Real-Time Data Deal) at Web 2.0

The Bing-Twitter Search Integration (shown below) is already live at


Someone asked in the comments if Bing will be indexing all 5 billion tweets. Bing’s own blog post Bing is Bringing Twitter Search to You said this:

What if we indexed basically the whole public Twitter stream and made it available to customers? We’re glad you asked that. Because today at Web 2.0 we announced that working with those clever birds over at Twitter, we now have access to the entire public Twitter feed

You can read the whole post here.This does say entire public Twitter feed, which should include everything. However, on this excellent post on Search Engine Land Dissecting the Bing-Twitter Experience, its pluses and its betas (hopefully) minuses, it claims that Bing filters out duplicates and Retweets from certain areas of the search interface. Read the Search Engine Land post:
Up Close With Bing’s Twitter Search Engine

Bing-Twitter Search Rendering

Bing-Twitter Search Rendering

Facebook Integration is to come at a later date according to Microsoft. This will be the interesting one to see play out. Many people one Facebook are more fussy about privacy control and won’t want their status updates public. I would hope that Facebook announces its plans loud and clear so that users will be forewarned and can make changes to the often difficult-to-find (for the average user) privacy settings area of Facebook.

And then later in the day Social Media Blog Mashable broke the news about Google and Twitter.

Adam Ostrow reports:

BREAKING: Google Announces Search Deal With Twitter

It will be interesting to see how the details of this play out.

3 Critical Factors Related to the Bing-Twitter-Facebook and Google-Twitter Integrations:

  1. User Interface. They have to get it right. With so many SERP options, it’s critical that they’re displayed in an intuitive, easy-to-grasp manner. Let’s face it, the average searcher may not be interested in Twitter or Facebook search results. I’m sure both search giants will get it right – eventually.
  2. Privacy. This specifically relates to Facebook and how many people will not want their updates available to the world. Then again, many people (often the wrong ones) will.
  3. Quality of Real-Time Results. Who will deliver results faster. I’ve already noticed the Bing-Tweets developed by Federated Media lags a bit compared to the other numerous Twitter search engines. This will be important as Bing and Google duke it out to be leaders in real-time search.

I’m eagerly looking forward to how this plays out and actively seeking others’ thoughts.

Having Bing around certainly keeps Google on their toes and that’s great. Search will just keep getting better and better.

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  • Senderok Allen

    Will this include all the tweets going back into history? There are 5 Billion to be indexed right now.

    • jvasko

      Allen, I updated my post with a few links (See above where it says UPDATE) It seems that Bing refers to indexing “the whole public twitter stream” in their own blog post. But Search Engine land claims that they filter out duplicates. So it doesn't look like the entire 5 billion (and growing).

    • jvasko

      I'm not sure Allen but I'll look into it. It begs a question of what search
      results would look like 10 years from now when that 5 Billion number will
      probably be 50 billion.

  • jvasko

    I'm not sure Allen but I'll look into it. It begs a question of what search
    results would look like 10 years from now when that 5 Billion number will
    probably be 50 billion.

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