Facebook Introduces @mentions and Becomes Even More Twitter-Like

facebookwidgetsFacebook has been introducing a lot of new features lately. Just within the past 2 weeks, there have been at least 3 new features.

1. Facebook Widgets

Facebook’s making it easy to promote your profile, photos, and even your stream on your website. Or if you’re a company, you can do the same with your fan page. They make it very easy for people who use Blogger and Type Pad. Other blog platforms have to paste code into their sites. Hopefully, WordPress will follow. I wonder how the live streaming will affect privacy settings for those people who only want their updates to appear to friends? They posted this on your Facebook home page a few weeks ago but then took it off. You can find it here.

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2. Facebook Lite

This is a trimmed down version of Facebook that cuts out a lot of clutter, showing just the newsfeed as a default with options at the top to update your status “write”, post photos, post videos, or see the top stories. On the right, you see only a few suggestions of people you may know and an ad. The interface feels much less cluttered and, well, more twitter-like.

Facebook Lite Status Update

Facebook Lite Status Update

3. @Mentions


Now when you type the @ symbol in a status update it prompts you to select the friends you would like to mention in the update. It then notifies the friend that they have been mentioned. I tested this in the comments field and it didn’t seem to work, although it would seem particularly useful there because you could reply to a specific commenter very easily this way. Currently, there is no place to see all of your @mentions nor anyone else’s, although I’m sure this is coming soon enough.

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To me, all of these things add up to Facebook becoming more and more Twitter-like everyday. And with more desktop and 3rd-party web clients integrating with Facebook, that similarity will continue to grow. And with more than 250 million users, Facebook’s got an advantage.

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