Percentage of U.S. Adults Using Social Networking Sites Increases from 15% to 33% in 2 Years

This translates to a doubling of U.S. adult users of social networking since 2007, a whopping 56 million currently according to a Mashable report that cites statistics reported by Forrester.

Based on what we know about the number of grandmothers on Facebook and the number of new Twitter users thanks to Oprah, this statistic is one that will continue to grow in the coming years, especially as Generation Y become adults.

The same report showed that e-mail leads with 90% of adults using it in 2009. It also states that only 18% read blogs, although I question this figure because many times I don’t think the average adult Internet user knows the difference between a blog and a site. Anyone doubting the power of social media marketing will have to face the facts that social networking sites will continue to be a place where adults spend time. Read the full report and see the chart here.

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