Separating the Bull from the Buzz – Social Media Event at the Time Warner Center

This morning I attended a panel discussion entitled Separating the Bull from the Buzz! Social Media/Networking Real Life Case Studies: Campaigns that Worked and Campaigns that Bombed. It took place at The Samsung Experience in the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle.

In some respects, the presentation was elementary and explained some of the basics of social networking tools. This underscored how social media marketing is most definitely still in its infancy and its tenets and rules are being formed as companies experiment more and more with it. Following are highlights of people or campaigns I learned about at the event:

Ty Sullivan is the Director of Marketing for Cafe Metro, which is a local NYC chain that provides quick and healthy lunches and breakfasts to Manhattan’s workforce in multiple locations. He’s successfully used Twitter to attract a following of current and potential customers, offering them discounts and increasing his business by encouraging them to bring friends.

Oz Sultan is a Corporate and Digital Strategist that advises luxury, publishing, media, beauty and entertainment companies on how to better us social media to engage audiences and increase business. He is also an organizer of Agency Bootcamp, an event designed to help marketers integrate social media into their overall strategies. Oz talked about a social media success story, a strategy he implemented for his client an online cosmetic and beauty store. Oz worked with E.L.F. to create, which is an aggregation of posts, video, and chatter about E.L.F. products. It’s a fairly straightforward idea – full of Google Juice – that has helped E.L.F. increase their sales by 15 percent. It reminds me of a souped-up FriendFeed, specifically for this company. I also noticed that E.L.F. is allowing their users to login with Facebook, something that Oz was likely instrumental in and that is relatively new for online stores.

I also learned some very simple but useful Twitter Commands via OZ. It seems like I should have known these already but I guess I’m so used to using desktop clients (mostly Nambu), that I don’t often go to the Twitter site itself.

Useful Twitter Commands (use on Via Oz Sultan:

  • Follow¬† username will automatically start following that person on Twitter.
  • D username + message allows you to send a private message to a person following you.
  • WHOIS username retrieves the profile information of that particular user.
  • STATS returns your follower and friend count plus bio

After the Q&A session was over, I got to speak to Oz and get his card and find out about Agency Bootcamp, which made the event worthwhile.

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