The Best of Internet Week New York: Tim Ferriss, Steve Rubel, and Social Media Camp

The day before Internet Week New York started I got that feeling in my throat that told me “you’re going to get a cold”. I hadn’t been sick with a cold for well over a year and I was not very happy that it hit me right before a week I had been eagerly anticipating. But I decided to bite the bullet and go to all of the conferences and events I had planned on anyway. So needless to say, I was not really in the mood for lots of networking or being SOCIAL in person but I forced myself.

Social Media was a key focus during Internet Week and a quick look at the schedule showed a total of 12 events dedicated to it, although it seemed to be present at many more. There was lots of talk about brands and their need to wake up and tune into the online chatter about them (good or bad) that can become omnipresent within minutes.

Jump on the Social Media Bandwagon (courtesy of Matt Hamm)

Jump on the Social Media Bandwagon (courtesy of Matt Hamm)

The Best of Internet Week New York

Tim Ferriss’s Presentation on Using Social Media to Create a Global Phenomenon

This was by far the best presentation of the 2009 Media Bistro Circus. Tim is an excellent speaker. He engages the audience and seems to relax them at the same time. He provided real tactics as to how he sold his book, mostly using social media.

No Twitter link on Home Page. Although a big fan of Twitter (he’s an investor @tferris), he removed it from the main pages of his site because he found that it removed people from the site to his Twitter page.

7 Reasons. He offers 7 reasons to subscribe to his blog to encourage audiences to get his updates regularly.

No Dates and Evergreen Content. He puts the date at the bottom older posts so people are not discouraged by older content and emphasizes the use of evergreen and lifestyle content to draw in his audience.

Tim recommends sites like and for getting exposure to his blog posts and Flickr Creative Commons for finding the most interesting images to use on his blog.

Analytics and Research. Tim looks at metrics a lot and uses Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, and talked about something new called Kiss Metrics, which is about to be unveiled.

Quote to Remember: “Doing the unthinkable is easier than you think”.

Tim’s blog is

Steve Rubel Presenting at Mediabistro Circus and the Mashable Event

When I read Steve Rubel’s report Five Digital Trends to Watch in 2009, which I referenced in an earlier post Dell and Zappos: Two Examples of How Digital Media is Changing Customer Service, I knew that his presentation was one that I wanted to see. At the Media Bistro Circus, he spoke only on Brand All-Stars and I wish he had been alotted more time. Two comanies that using social media to communicate with their customers are PepsiCo, who recently started a Friendfeed Page, and Ford who’s Brand All-Star is Scott Monty. You can read an interview with Scott Monty about Ford’s social media strategies by Amber Naslund here.

Pete Cashmore and Panel

Pete Cashmore and Panel

Steve also presented at Mashable’s Next UP NYC event where he presented entire trend report and answered questions. His presentation was one of the highlights of the event and the only downside was that he was competing with people chatting at the bar.

Steve’s blog is:

Social Media Camp

This particular day of Internet Week didn’t start so well as I went to the Roger Williams Hotel on 32nd and Madison first before I realized that event took place at The Roger Smith Hotel on Lexington and 47th. Once I got there, however, I soon realized that Social Media Camp was the absolute best event I attended during Internet Week New York. Social Media Camp was put together by co-founders of the Social Media Club, Howard Greenstein and Chris Heur, and they did a fantastic job. It was the least expensive event I attended and I feel that I got more out of it than any other event I attended.

Social Media Camp NY (courtesy of Todd Wickersty)

Social Media Camp NY (courtesy of Todd Wickersty)

It was truly collaborative in nature and really encouraged people to be social (in real life!) and network. Howard and Chris conducted one track of presentations but some of the attendees shared their expertise and provided sessions for other tracks. A great lunch was provided by the Roger Smith hotel (who is big into social media @RSHotel) and several sponsors helped to subsidize the cost of the event. We were each asked to send a tweet after every session about something we learned during that session.

There was an excellent presentaion on using social media in your job search done by Howard and Chris. And Dan Zarrella of Hubspot Marketing did an excellent presentation analyzing the science of ReTweets. It’s nicely recapped on this Read Write Web post.

The camp is perfectly summed up in this Social Media Camp Wrap Up #IWNY on the Social Media Club’s site.

Overall, it was a great week and I’m still following up with all the new contacts I made. If anyone else has any personal Internet Week New York stories, feel free to share.

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