The Best of Internet Week New York: Tim Ferriss, Steve Rubel, and Social Media Camp

The day before Internet Week New York started I got that feeling in my throat that told me “you’re going to get a cold”. I hadn’t been sick with a cold for well over a year and I was not very happy that it hit me right before a week I had been eagerly anticipating. But I decided to bite the bullet and go to all of the conferences and events I had planned on anyway. So needless to say, I was not really in the mood for lots of networking or being SOCIAL in person but I forced myself.

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Internet Week NY Opened My Eyes to an Undiscovered World of Serial Web Programming

One of the Internet Week New York sessions I was most looking forward to was one called The Web Producers’ Toolbox, a series of panels devoted to developing, writing, producing, distributing, and promoting serial programming piloted on the Internet. As a marketing consultant, this session was not completely congruent with my experience but certainly one that piqued my interest. And we all know that video on the Web has revolutionized media and is here to stay.

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