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2009 has been a watershed year for social media. And nothing has enjoyed more buzz than Twitter. The last few months have felt like twitter mania. According to Mashable, Twitter’s audience grew almost 77% from February to March of this year and (if it continues the pace) will increase its current 7 million unique monthly visitors to 100 million by the same time next year (according to Nielsen). This number pales in comparison to Facebook’s 65.7 current million unique visitors but Twitter seems unstoppable when it comes to the press it’s receiving.

So with all this twittering going on and many companies taking the site very seriously as a marketing tool, my question is when will we start to see job postings for Vice President of Tweets or Twit Director or Associate Twitterer? Well, maybe the titles won’t follow the same pattern as all of the related applications, but the answer to this question is right now. has a dedicated url for people searching for jobs related to twitter ( and it yielded 905 results on the day this post was written. I wonder what that number will be next year at this time? Do a google search for twitter jobs and you’ll see approximately 104 million results without quotes and 7,140 results with quotes. Now not all of these are for jobs using twitter. The site is actually being used as a tool to search for jobs and now has a search engine dedicated specifically for that purpose. Check out TwitterJobSearch where they announce “43,763 new jobs in the last 7 days”. Most of these are jobs that can be found using twitter as a utility but some of them may involve tweeting skills themselves.

A clear sign that businesses are taking Twitter seriously is the emergence of a new company called CoTweet, which is a platform (currently in Beta) that facilitates corporations using Twitter both as a marketing tool and as a response-driven customer-service application. It apparently allows employees at various levels of a company to send tweets and stay in sync with one another while doing it. I look forward to doing more investigating to see how it works but it sounds like there will be some jobs carved out of this in the future. CoTweet has a lot of talent behind it and lists Laura Fitton and long-time Internet leader, author, and creator of  Alltop, Guy Kawasaki, as advisers. Laura has emerged as an early leader in Enterprise Microsharing and is followed by thousands on her TouchBase blog and on Twitter @Pistachio.

Clearly Twitter is quickly becoming a staple of business communication as a marketing, PR, and customer service tool. And as print media continue to decrease, it’s time for more companies to adapt their communication strategies. The rules are not set yet but that’s the beauty of it. It’s like a bird flying off to the wild, wild west. What will the update to this post be like a year from now? Stay twuned. Please share any additional information or your thoughts on Twitter Jobs.

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